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European Healthcare Design 2024

Collective intelligence and leadership: Partnering to deliver a new culture of health

By SALUS User Experience Team 24 Apr 2024 0

Held in collaboration with Archus and live streamed from Maggie’s Barts, the EHD 2024 Programme Launch Panel Debate saw an expert panel set the scene for the Congress by exploring how to build a new, equitable culture of health across society, in conjunction with a radical rethink on how to deliver health services in the 21st century.


Health and care systems across the world are on life support. Urgent and radical policies and actions are needed to equitably improve fragmented services, care quality and access, financial performance, workforce shortages, and neglected, decaying infrastructure.

System-level innovations, participation of patients and the public in their own health, technological advances in the life sciences, and digital transformation with AI offer huge potential. But health system reform and more funding alone will not resolve the health and care emergency without the development of a new culture of health and wellbeing rooted in equity across all sectors, policies and parts of society, including government, communities, businesses, families, schools, and the third sector.

Our expert panel discussed how partnering to deliver a new culture of health will require political will and vision, and the collective intelligence, leadership and active participation of civil society across sectors and within communities.